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The New Riga Theatre announcing the International Project Contest for Young Directors “JRT 2.0”. Applications can be submitted until May 30.

Only a few years after establishing, the New Riga Theatre (JRT) participated in the “Young Directors Project" of the Salzburg Festival with the play "Revisor" (director Alvis Hermanis), winning the first - Max Reinhard Prize. It was a contest that selected productions by young theatre directors from all over the world. This event marked the beginning of the international recognition of JRT company and the international career of theatre's artistic director, followed by guest performances in 40 countries and in more than 200 cities for 15 years, participating in all the world's largest theatre festivals (from Avignon to Edinburgh). Inspired by this example in our theatre’s history, JRT announces a project contest called "JRT 2.0" (“Jauno režisoru teātris, nākamā versija” – “theatre of  young directors, updated version”).

In the autumn of 2022, the return of JRT is planned to the historical premises of the theatre at Lāčplēša Street 25, in the downtown of Riga. After the renovation, we will have at our disposal three theatre halls (the Big stage and two smaller ones – with seats for 300 and 100 spectators). This means that JRT will produce more new performances in one season than before. The JRT actors' company will also be supplemented with the JRT students of the Latvian Academy of Culture. And the theatre will also need young directors.

Latvian and foreign young directors with their new production ideas are invited to participate in this project contest. The five best proposals will be produced by JRT during the next season and, upon returning to our historical building on Lāčplēša Street, these new productions will be shown in a separate Theater Festival “JRT 2.0”.

Project contest rules.
✓ The text of the performance, a detailed description of the idea of the new production and the visual concept (sketches and drawings of decorations, costumes) should be submitted by 30 May 2021.
✓ The desired actors of performance must be specified (no more than five actors involved). Only JRT company actors, including JRT students, can participate in the performance (www.jrt.lv will provide you with some information about our actors and actresses, click here for information about students).
✓ The cost of producing the performance should meet the budget assigned by JRT, which will be announced separately later. The rehearsal period of the performance may not exceed nine weeks.
✓ The performance should be designed for the JRT Small Hall (100 seats) or the New Hall (300 seats), both - “black box” stages.
✓ Along with the new production project, at least one filmed video version of any of the director's previous theatre works should be submitted.
✓ It is an international contest. The director does not have to be a Latvian citizen. The knowledge of Latvian language is not necessary. However the performance must be staged in Latvian language.
✓ The director of the performance should be young (no one is going to check the passport).

The five best proposals will be chosen to be produced by JRT. They will be performed at the Theater Festival "JRT 2.0", upon the opening of the renovated JRT building, and will remain in the future JRT repertoire. The first prize of the project contest "JRT 2.0" is the opportunity to stage a performance on the JRT Big stage in the season 2023/2024.

The jury for selection of the new productions will consist of six people (experience plus youth): Alvis Hermanis (JRT Artistic Director), Margarita Zieda (JRT Head of Literary Department), Kaspars Znotiņš (JRT actor), Gerds Lapoška (JRT student), Agate Krista (JRT student), Gundega Palma (JRT Member of Board).
The winner of the "JRT 2.0" contest will be determined by an international jury, which will be announced a week before the opening of the "JRT 2.0" festival.

Please, send the project proposals to Elīna Adamaite, JRT International project coordinator (elina@jrt.lv).

We hope this project will become an annual theatre tradition and “JRT 2.0" will be followed by "JRT 3.0", "JRT 4.0", and so on to infinity.


The film based on the performance "The White Helicopter" is being produced by the New Riga Theatre.

On November 21, 2019, Alvis Hermanis' play "The White Helicopter" premiered at the New Riga Theatre and has garnered great interest in Latvia and around the world. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions, the production has so far experienced only 20 performances and attended by just over 6,000 spectators. In order to provide an opportunity for a larger number of spectators to see the production, a film based on the performance “The White Helicopter” is being produced.

The film is based on true events leading up to the historical 2013 resignation of Benedict XVI. After succeeding John Paul II, and serving as Pope for eight years, Joseph Ratzinger shocked the world by becoming the first Pope to voluntarily resign in over 600 years. In light of moral and ethical upheavals in the Catholic Church, and the unique challenges of the 21st century, Ratzinger's cited reason of declining health raises more questions than it answers.

The film is directed by the author of the play and director of the performance - Alvis Hermanis. Featuring Mikhail Baryshnikov and actors from the New Riga Theater, Kaspars Znotins, Guna Zarina and Regina Razuma. Notable professionals from the Latvian cinema industry, Andrejs Rudzats and Martins Grauds, have been invited to implement the project.

The film will be in English (partly in Italian, Polish and Latin) with subtitles in Latvian, Russian and English. The filming process takes place at the New Riga Theatre in April this year. This exceptional film will be released and available to viewers in Latvia and all over the world at the end of the year.

For more information contact:
Elīna Adamaite (International Project Manager), phone +371 29274868, email: elina@jrt.lv
Inga Liepina (Advertising and Public Relations), phone +371 29174775, email: inga@jrt.lv


The film "Aģentūra" is now available in Russian and English.

The New Riga Theater's film "Aģentūra" (Agency) is now also available to Russian and English speakers. "Aģentūra" premiered on November 27, 2020. Artistic director of the theater and film director, Alvis Hermanis, said: “Ten episodes of "Aģentūra" have been viewed by a total of at least 20,000 of our loyal viewers, here and around the world.”

Starting March, it is possible to select English or Russian subtitles or to watch it dubbed into Russian.

Film's events take place in Riga and Latvia in summer 2020. The plot revolves around an advertising agency — a typical office where professionalism collides with ennui, romance and existential confusion. The catalyst for the plot is a mystery that expands into a thriller.

The authors of the film's screenplay are Alvis Hermanis and Jānis Joņevs, with input from the actors involved. You can watch "Aģentūra" at its official website - https://agentura.jrt.lv. The film consists of 10 series. Once purchased the movie can be watched worldwide for 50 days.



Due to the state of emergency cancelled ten performances “The White helicopter” in April unfortunately will not be rescheduled.
All ticket holders will receive a full refund within 10 days.

Other performances that had been cancelled from March 13 until June 9 we will try to reschedule to other dates in the future. Newly rescheduled dates will be will be announced as soon as possible but not later than until December 9.

Please follow the information on our website and social accounts for regular updates.  


Due to the government's declared state of emergency, The New Riga Theater has cancelled all performances from March 13 until June 9 (including ten performances of "The White Helicopter" April 17-29). We will reschedule as many performances as possible to other dates in the future. All purchased tickets will be valid for the newly rescheduled dates.
Newly rescheduled dates for postponed performances will be announced as soon as possible after the end of the state of emergency, and within a six months period. If the new dates for the shows you've purchased ticket(s) are not suitable, ticket holders will be offered to attend another performance or receive a full refund. Please follow the information on our website and social accounts for regular updates.   

The Box Office is closed to visitors. You can contact us by calling 67280765 or emailing kase@jrt.lv on weekdays from 11am to 5pm.


We are glad to announce the dates of performance THE WHITE HELICOPTER in April. On February 10 at 10.00 am we will start the ticket sale online at www.biletes.jrt.lv/en

Please note that you must register or log in to your account before making a purchase. There will be no ticket reservations provided for the performances. It will be possible to buy up to 2 tickets for one transaction. In total, 2700 tickets will be on sale.

Full schedule for April: www.biletes.jrt.lv/en


On December 2 at 10.00 am we will start the ticket sales to the performance of Alvis Hermanis that was just launched on November 21 in Riga - THE WHITE HELICOPTER with Mikhail Baryshnikov in the role of Pope Benedict XVI.

Full schedule and tickets: www.biletes.jrt.lv/en