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Theatre Rules


Dear spectators! Please adhere to the internal rules of The New Riga Theatre, to ensure that watching the performance is enjoyable for all spectators.

The Theater is open for spectators one hour before the beginning of the performance. There is a café working during that time and during intermissions.

The Great Hall and the Small Hall are located at Miera Street 58a.

Please, note the starting times of performances, and arrive on time! After 3rd ring signal, spectators must take their seats in the hall. When the show has started, entering the hall is not allowed. 

Before entering the hall, please, turn off your mobile phones and other gadgets. The use of such gadgets during the performance is bothering artists and other spectators.

Please, do not talk and do not make noise during performances. Bringing food and drink into the hall is prohibited.

Taking photos and video/audio recordings during performances are allowed only on permission of The New Riga Theater administration.

When attending The New Riga Theatre performances, the cloakroom services and restrooms are free of charge.

Please, do not leave valuables in the outer clothing; the cloakroom does not take any responsibility thereof. Fee for a lost cloakroom token is EUR 10.

There is no smoking-room for visitors at The New Riga Theatre.

Flowers for artists can be presented on your own, or given to the cloakroom staff, indicating the recipient; the artist then will be presented with the flowers on stage.

Ticket Purchase

Tickets for The New Riga Theatre performances may be purchased at The New Riga Theatre box office at Miera iela 58a and on the website www.biletes.jrt.lv/en.

Tickets must be purchased for every spectator, regardless of age.

The tickets bought at the theatre box office can be exchanged no later than 3 days before the performance. Later, tickets are not changed and are not taken back. In case of ticket exchange or return, the purchasing check is needed. In case of ticket return, the buyer is offered a gift card in value of the returned ticket, except when the performance has been changed or canceled. In case of loss of a ticket issued, The New Riga Theatre, on the basis of identity document, issues a ticket duplicate at The New Riga Theatre box office to the buyer (only to the buyer, and not to the person who has received the buyer's ticket). The moment the duplicate is printed out, the original ticket is canceled. The risk of a simultaneous use of the original and the duplicate tickets, as a result of which the buyer might not be admitted to the hall, shall be borne by the buyer.

Tickets purchased on the Internet site www.biletes.jrt.lv/en will not be accepted back, except in case of changed or cancelled performances.

Tickets for children

Children under 2 years of age can attend performances for children without a ticket (not ensuring individual seat).

Spectators with disabilities

For spectators in wheelchairs, The New Riga Theatre has made available, as far as possible, all performances, but such attendance should be pre-registered, so that on the day of performance the necessary seats can be cleared in the spectator halls. Ask the cashier (or contact The New Riga Theatre box office, before buying tickets online) about the possibilities to attend a particular show, and register the spectators in wheelchairs at The New Riga Theatre box office!

Gift cards

The New Riga Theatre offers to purchase gift cards in value from EUR 10 – 100. The amount specified in a gift card can be spent on several occasions. Gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. If the total amount of the selected tickets is greater than the value of the gift card, the balance is charged additionally. Gift cards can be purchased and redeemed at The New Riga Theatre box office and internet site www.biletes.jrt.lv. Gift card is only a means of payment that does not guarantee the opportunity to purchase tickets to a particular performance chosen.

The New Riga Theatre's image for commercial purposes

Use of tickets and gift cards for commercial purposes in the so-called advertising or marketing campaigns without a written permit of The New Riga Theatre administration is prohibited. To obtain a permit, please, contact The New Riga Theatre Sales Manager Dace Tillere by phone 67283225 or e-mail dace@jrt.lv.

Photos of The New Riga Theater performances

Using photos published on The New Riga Theatre website www.jrt.lv and website www.biletes.jrt.lv is only allowed with a written permit of The New Riga Theatre. In order to obtain a permit and photos of a specified resolution, please, contact the theater advertising and public relations expert Inga Liepina by phone 67283225 or e-mail inga@jrt.lv.